Who the f**k is Ken Butler

Who the F**k is Ken Butler

Who the f**k is Ken Butler I used to ask myself the same question , trying to put destroyed fragments of my life back together . breathe by breathe it took time and healing to cleanse these deep wounds that infinitely  bled and no matter what I did they kept bleeding because of how much healing and digging I had to do just to put Ken Butler back together and now I can  finally tell you that he is a talented, vigorous, and determined  man who has not only conquered his way through his obstacles but reversed them into stepping stones no longer being a victim but a survivor of his story. 

Just a reality TV star?

I used to be a very private person who never told my truth to anyone. 75% of people I know didn’t even know my passed away. 88% of you didn’t know I gained that much weight and 97% of you didn’t even know I went to jail just to keep up with your eyeballs. there was some people very close to me that was shocked that my mom died or that i had to go to jail for a week for trying to keep up with your eyeballs.



I was an extremely private person that would never dare to play truth for truth with a soul in this world. Moving forward and stepping away from my past moving forward into my future I’m a true open book and promise to tell the whole truth so help me God and swear I will give you all of me holding nothing back. Now that’s what you call a real bad bitch.