Homelessness has always been an issue for me. I never had to eat out of dumpsters or anything, but I remember my first time experiencing homelessness was at 12-years-old when my mom was placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit. I went from family home to friend home to homeless until I was placed in a group home, which is why I still have trouble with stability now.

I was kicked out of the group home during my senior year of high school. To get through the nights, I would ride the bus back and forth with a big black trash bag. Heavily ambitious, I still managed to be in several after school programs including student government, theater, fashion, and choir–anywhere was better than the bus.

In addition to after school programs, I still worked and saved up enough to get my first apartment. But, when it came time to follow my dreams or pay my rent, I always chose to follow my dreams. I never ever truly had a place to call my home and even now–after Revenge Body, I still struggle with stability. Even though the couches have gotten nicer and more expensive, for some reason, I feel more comfortable with other people than on my own. Maybe that’s because I lost my parents at such a young age, maybe I’m still searching for them in some way. Of course, I can afford to live better, but I still struggle with where to go. My journey to home continues.