Khloe could have entered the room beaming and floating on a cloud offering me the choice of sitting down with god or Kim K and god forgive me I’d be sitting at Kim K’s perfectly manicured feet.

Libra to libra on the wall who is the flyest of them all. Kim K I tell you…

The internet went crazy when I said that Kim Kardashian West was “god.” People watching online threw up hallelujah hands understanding the power of the almighty Kim K. And guess what? Now, I’m one of her disciples because she’s my miraculous media messiah. Let me rewind. So after sitting down with Khloe, I was broken and drained from exposing my deepest darkest secrets to the world. Reliving loss and failure can be a very traumatic experience and I wanted to quit. But then Khloe called me (yes, she literally called me) one day because she heard through the grapevine that I was falling apart.

She said really nonchalantly that she had someone that she wanted me to meet, someone who she thought might help me refocus on my life and my blog. “I don’t want you to regret leaving,” she kept saying with a smile in her voice. A few days later, I’m walking into a building and there she was “Shesus.” I wanted to cuss Khloe out because I was NOT wearing my Sunday’s best. This was someone who I have admired for years. And here, standing before me, is one of the 5 people I have on my vision board– my fashion fairy godmother. This experience showed me once again that Khloe loves me for real–that she saw the same something in me that she sees in Kim Kardashian. And that day, the day I was born again, Kim told me everything I needed to hear to get my head back in the game. She even reviewed my photographs and gave me advice on my website. It feels so good to know that god cares about me. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve such a blessing, but I pray I make them both very proud someday.