One Hit Wonder


You can’t be a one hit wonder with a magazine. Magazines come out every month. There are naysayers, my wannabe fans, screaming from the bleachers trying to underestimate KB. They say, “You better ride this wave,” and “Your fame is going to come and go,” and are always asking, “What’s coming next?”

Didn’t I just launch my own blog,? Launch my own magazine? and ain’t I soon to be launching my own app on an international platform?

I remember one of my Revenge Body castmates pointing to herself and saying that she had “the light,” pointing to a friend of hers saying she had “the light” and then pointing to me and saying she didn’t know if yours truly had the light. I just rolled my eyes and kept moving forward.

I also had another castmate ask me why I was getting so much attention and I wanted to tell to her ask Khloe because Khloe definitely saw my light.

People only believe in you 1) when it’s convenient for them or 2) when it’s too late. I used to never want to be one of those people who forgets where they came from, but it seems to me that’s the only type of person that people respect. Only hard work and time will tell how successful I will become, but trust me, I will work until I can’t work anymore!