I started looking at my “friends” and my “friends” started looking funny.

Most people don’t believe in you until it’s too late. Then, when you start winning off the fruits of your labor, they expect to eat with you. Isn’t funny when they expect to celebrate with you and quickly forget all the ill-will they wished upon you. I remember people saying, “He is delusional” and “He ain’t shit.” Now it’s, “You didn’t shout me out” and “Can I come with you.” It’s silly to have “friends” who only want to use you.

I used to think bettering myself was selfish. I was obsessed with how my “friends” saw me and what they had to say about me. I could not understand why they pretended to be happy for me while spitting venom at the same damn time.

I was loyal to my “friends”, but they didn’t want loyalty. They wanted fame, attention, and money. I already have “friends” accusing me of being Hollywood, when I’m still just being the same ole’ Ken. I watch and let people expose themselves. I wait to see where their loyalty lies and when things go left, I never regret kicking snake-ass “friends” to the curb.