How to be a Real Bitch

How to be a Real Bitch (Real Bitch 101)


I always post the clip of Mimi Faust saying, “My shit was just on TV, and I was real about my shit. I ain’t fucking lie I told the goddamn truth,” to show people, fuck y’all and y’all fucking opinions about me and my motherfucking life. If you want to lie and be fake about the truth, do you, but I’m going to tell the motherfucking truth bitch! That’s the model I choose to live by. I’m noticing it’s way too many “bad bitches” in this world and not enough “real bitches.” A “bad bitch” is not really confident, but hides behind plastic surgeries and superficial accomplishments, whereas a “real bitch” needs no false image to feel relevant. All a “real bitch” needs is the truth and other real bitches by his or her side. A “real bitch” will tell the truth about themselves before they allow anyone else to tell it, while a “bad bitch” will lie just to make him or herself look good. These “bad bitches” will take pictures with people of a certain status just to seem like they are that bitch! Whereas a “real bitch” doesn’t care who you are or what you do for a living they just like to be around good people and good vibes because a “real bitch” is always gonna keep it the fuck real. Here are the top ten rules to being a “real bitch” because being a “bad bitch” is for wack bitches.

1. Be authentic

If you don’t like someone don’t talk to them. A real bitch is never going to hang around someone they don’t like or deal with someone just because they have or do something that you want. Not being authentic is the quickest way to becoming a fake bitch.

2. Keep it real

A” real bitch” says what needs to be said regardless of how it makes other people feel. A “bad bitch” holds their tongue waiting for a safe chance to speak their minds.


3. If my bitch don’t like you…

So many times bad bitches get caught up by trying to build relationships with there bff’s enemies. Not me, not ever.


4. Give credit where credit is due

A ‘bad bitch” is good for saying she did or made something that she didn’t just to make herself look better and taking credit credit for someone else’s work.


5. Never steal

A “real bitch” will rob you in front of your face before they ever steal from you behind your back. But this is only in extreme circumstances, because in general a “real bitch” can get it on their own without anyone or anything.


6. Stand by your word

If you say you gonna do something, do it… even if you say you gonna smack someone when you see them, you better WWE smackdown they ass the next time you see them. Even if you say you will help somebody and it’s your last dollar, you better give it up. Nothing worse than a lying ass bitch.


7. No sloppy seconds

No matter what, a “real bitch” always finds their own partner and never dates behind a friend. “Real bitches” don’t do sloppy seconds. “Bad bitches” love messy shit because it brings attention, but a “real bitch” is gonna command respect when they walk in any room.


8. Don’t take no shit

When someone comes at you, you must check them immediately with no hesitation. “Real bitches” do real things.


9. Respect the day 1

A “real bitch” is always gonna respect the day 1, even if they fall out, there is still a common respect there forever.


10. Love 2 No Limit

As much as people think being a “real bitch” means being rude or always trying to fight, it’s not.. it’s all about protecting love and having boundaries.