What happens when you exercise high

What happens when you exercise high.

4 Reasons to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Fitness Regimen


I’ve never done drugs a day in my life and drug addicts get on my last nerves, but during my workouts I damn sure thought about it because of the pain it causes. I always thought to myself what happens when you exercise while your high so I reached out to a good friend of my Dexter from season 1 since he is a cannabis expert and here is what he said.  


Cannabis users wrongfully take on a bad reputation for having a poor work ethic with life skills limited to attacking buffets and participating in epic day-long slumber. With the media perpetuating images of the slow-talking, lazy stoners, like Cheech and Chong, it’s no wonder so many people associate cannabis use with being very inactive and it users being disconnected from the community. A New Age (capitalized?) of stoners are not only breaking this stigma, but are reversing it and using cannabis to assist in living an active lifestyle. Not easily convinced? (Can be taken out) Here are 4 reasons to incorporate (or introduce) cannabis into your fitness regimen.


Flow State

In psychology, the flow state is characterized as being a person’s optimal state of consciousness; fully immersed in performing the task at hand with focused energy and concentration. Cannabis helps us to release our sense of self and ego, in conjunction with a stimulation of spirituality that merges the mind and body. Releasing our ego allows for us to be more in the moment and focused on the activity, which in turn increases our pain thresholds. Sativas, more specifically, are esteemed for inducing feelings of focus and increased energy levels.


STRAIN SUGGESTIONS: Green Crack (sativa), Sour Diesel (sativa), XJ-13 (hybrid), Jack Herer (sativa)


Pain Management

Pain is among the most common ailments to impact medical marijuana patients. Two of the most common compounds in marijuana ease pain and are used as a strong inflammatory; THC and CBD. Terpenes, flavor molecules, in the cannabis also hold exceptional healing properties that vary from strain to strain. Indicas with high THC content and CBD-dominant flower are great strains for pain relief. Topical tinctures are among the safest ways to consume cannabis, which allows for rapid absorption through the skin. After days of putting stress on your body, pain is inevitable. Next time you are a bit sore from a workout explore what cannabis has to offer for your relief.


STRAIN SUGGESTIONS: ACDC (CBD), Blackberry Kush (indica), Thin Mint GSC (hybrid), Kosher Kush (indica)



Getting an adequate amount of sleep every day is vital to living a healthy life. Proper amounts of sleep have been linked to maintaining a healthy weight, improving memory, curbing inflammation, and even living longer. I have bad insomnia, so finding a nice indica-dominant strain will have me drifting off in no time. It’s also great to note that exercise has been known to benefit the quality of your sleep, so in conjunction with cannabis this is a win-win.


STRAIN SUGGESTIONS: OG Kush (hybrid), Grand Daddy Purple (indica), Blueberry Cookies (hybrid), Gorilla Glue #4 (hybrid)


Maintaining a High Metabolism

Most people don’t have the issue of getting too few of calories, but there are many gym goers not eating enough food to properly maintain metabolism. There is a terrible dieting myth that fit people starve themselves, but this has never been more of the contrary. When we starve ourselves, this causes our body to lower our basal metabolic rate causing our body to store more food as fat. Our basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories exhausted while the body rests.  Maintaining a meal schedule of every 3-4 hours is optimal for a for burning and using the food as energy. Cannabis has been known to give users the munchies, but used correctly can really benefit exercisers that need to increase their appetite. Food choice is vital here so along with picking a good strain, also have healthy food options readily available.


I’m truly obsessed with dexter and he truly means the world to me and after listening to what he thinks about cannabis I don’t think it’s for me at all, but I don’t knock people who use it.