How To Be a Good Side Bitch


Let truth be told, I’ve been though one or two SZA situations in my lifetime

Most side bitches look at Valentine’s Day as a death sentence. They see pictures and videos of the person they feel should be with them. Let truth be told, I’ve been though one or two SZA situations in my lifetime and have felt that hurt and pain. I loved someone who loved someone else. I later found out I wasn’t about that lie real quick, it wasn’t for me. I never played my part or stayed in lane.  I became violent because of my hurt feelings.

Not being chosen first no matter how long I waited at some point I made me realize I was the one putting myself though all that pain because I was the one saying yes to being a side bitch! I don’t judge so I wrote some rules so you know what you have to sacrifice to become a good side bitch!

1. Be available

Always be available no one likes a side bitch that is unavailable even if your at work. The person your with should always get it when they need it even if they need to come to your job and find the nearest bathroom.


2. No limits to tricks flips and spits 

You must always be up on the latest strippers and exotic moves weather your a man or woman always know how to please them better than the main can. If the main person won’t do it make sure you practice how 2 and perfect it to the tea.


3. Never expose secrets

Never let your identity be known you both could be inside the same school, parking lot or dentist office and no one would know you knew each other. That person should be able to trust you with their life and secrets they can’t pillow with the main a lot because of judgement so they will always look to you for guidance or to vent and you must keep all of it to yourself and never expose anything to anyone.


4. Don’t complain

In most cases the main has the rights to complain because they are with them most of the time and have to deal with that persons direct issues so you have no room to complain ABOUT ANYTHING because you excepted that role and responsibly to be a support system and not a complaining secondary headache.


5. Privet dates + sex

You should never ever expect public dates being a side always just meet ups and play dates for a few hours put staying in ordering out is the only date you should expect to have and staying the night is never an option unless you go to the hotel.


6. Always know your position & never ask for an upgrade

Asking for an upgrade is the biggest mistakes that you can make as a side because you walked in to a situation where you don’t know what’s to come next or how long you have to wait in line I’ve seen some situations where the someone has left someone else for a side but don’t wait on it even if they tell you they love you and not the main because what they want to do is where they will be.


7.Never ask for anything

A good side piece always gets it on his or her own never ask for anything from anyone unless you are a sugar baby which is a another topic for another time. When you start asking for things you instantly became a liability you you will be cut off immediately. You have to be a resource and not a reason to hide.


8. Know that it’s only temporary 

In most cases this side position is only temporarily available because once the main finds out you’re going because it’s cheaper to keep him or her then deal with you in the main these with everything. Don’t get your feelings involved once you stop getting texts, phone calls and emails when things get hot and they have to lay low in most cases they will always randomly pop back up two to six months later with some excuse other than the truth and you must be available and untouched waiting for them if you wanna be a good side.


9. Don’t deal with main bitch problems 

I know most of our rules are to support the person who has a main and the side but you as the side has to protect your self as well. If the main can’t make it an event and they ask you to go in their place say no because this will blur the lines and you will get confused of your position, just stay in your lane and stay in your lane and honor your position. If their car breaks down in the middle of the road that’s a main bitch problem because you hours are between 12-3am and the weekend. If they can’t pay their light bill, phone bill or car note that’s a main bitch problem so don’t deal with them.


10. Keep busy on Holidays 

The holidays can be a hurt price and get you in your feelings really bad but while the main is stuffing his or her face getting fatter you can be on a juice cleanse and in the gym working on your body while posting sexy holiday pictures on Instagram.

Although we can judge and say being a side bitch is disgraceful and horrible someone is facing pain anger and hate based of an emotional choice and we all have one leave your comment below.