Fuck People


Some people don’t care about people. Some people only care about themselves. There’s nothing wrong with self-preservation, but when that’s all you think of at all times, you are a vulture. Vultures are those people who’d rather eat off your kill than go out and hunt for themselves.

A few weeks ago, my #KenDolls and I were on Instagram Live and I was venting to them about one of my cast members (and a true vulture). She writes me and asks why Khloé was putting me, and not her vulture ass, all over Instagram. I just said, “Ask Khloe,” and blocked that vulture bitch. How could she be so ungrateful, I know how, because she expects a free meal. We were both given the same 18 minutes. But the difference is Khloe could have put my episode last, and promoted me the least, and I still would have shined. Khloe is the first person to give me a hand in life, so you can only imagine how I feel. No one had to FAKE my weight loss for the show… I worked my ass off to build my brand, share my truth, and lose the weight. I hate vultures. They are the worse.

I’m so used to receiving the short end of the stick, that I naturally work hard for everything that I get. The way my ambition and determination is set up, I always end up on top.


Here’s how I avoid being a vulture:

  1. I don’t complain, I work hard.
  2. I congratulate, then I take notes when someone is doing something I want to learn.
  3. I stay humble and treat every opportunity like my last.
  4. I’m grateful when anyone does anything for me.
  5. I mind my own damn business. If it doesn’t concern me, then I don’t care.


Moving Forward  

Someone’s else’s success is not your failure, always take notes and congratulate be grateful to become greater and move forward with your best foot towards YOUR GOALS .