Broke Reality Star


Everyone thinks the quickest way to become rich and famous is to become a reality tv star. When I moved to Los Angeles, I saw my newfound reality tv show friends hopping out of BMW’s, wearing Chanel glasses, going to red carpet events, and getting chased by the paparazzi. I was excited and honored to even be near them, until I started to see the truth–most of my reality tv show friends were nothing more than high-paid prostitutes getting “work” in exchange for their souls. They were getting booked and hooked–on coke that is. They were snorting and struggling with extreme habits. The behind-the-scenes viewpoint turned me all the way off.

I always said when I got my shot, I would never become an addict. I promised that I would start my business and live my dream. Two weeks later, I got my shot. With Revenge Body, I kept my auditions and filming a secret, not just because the process was top secret, but because I was always the friend that people whispered about. I remember people saying, “He can’t come with us looking like that” or “What is his fat ass doing here?” I knew I was gonna have the last laugh. And I did, because, the same people who said those things were the first ones to call me and say, “OMG! I just saw you on Khloé’s Instagram.”

When I was cast for the show, I was living in a motel in Maywood surviving off of milkshakes. But when my friend was in town he would allow me to stay in his hotel rooms in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. While I was telling everyone I lived in Malibu, including Khloé and Corey, I was living in a hotel room with my prostituting friend. And when I couldn’t afford a motel in Maywood, I was outside with a big black suitcase with a heavy heart. When I started to earn an income from the show I instantly knew i wanted to grow my blog but i had no idea I would be broke afterwards. Some might think reality tv is a quick way to the top, but only if you don’t booked and hooked along the way, work hard and maximize every opportunity.