Attacking My Revenge Body


Melissa X Harvey 60 day Challenge (Sponsored Post)

Most people will not admit to gaining weight after they’ve lost it—but as you know, I am not most people!

After Revenge Body, I lost a total of 50 pounds. But, since the success of the show, I’ve been on a tour doing appearances and off of my routine. Ironically, I gained 10 of the 50 pounds right back.

At first, I was extremely embarrassed. I’ve built my entire career around my new image and 10 pounds definitely matters. If I allow myself to slip 10, then I will slip 20, and that’s not cool at all.

My friend and costar, Melissa X Harvey, reached out to me and randomly challenged me to her 60 Day Fitness Challenge. So I asked Dexter, from the first season of Revenge Body, to help me get back into shape. Fashion Week is only weeks away, #KenDolls!

This week doing Melissa’s challenge, I’m down 5 pounds following her tips and tricks! Make sure you log onto to find out what I did and will continue to do for the next 53 days.